Honestly *New Features*

31.07 Auto Import of Your Employee Data Field 

The Autoimport using CSV on SFTP now has a Health Check in place.


You have 3000 employees in your system. The threshold of your import is set to 10% when you are uploading a CSV with 1300 lines. As 1300 is smaller than 2700 (3000 - 10%), the import is not processed. Instead, an E-mail is sent to all admins, to support@ and to product@honestly.com.
You can change the file and reupload a new one with 3200 employees. This is normally triggered, as it is less than 10% larger than the previous.

Once the upload is not within your range, you will receive the following E-mail:

Dear Honestly Customer,
you are receiving this E-mail because you are an Admin of (accountname's) Honestly-System.
We hereby inform you, that the most recent import of the new employee base was not processed, as it failed the internal validation for integrity.
Your account right now holds (number employees) employees and the most recent file included number lines entries. This is an unexpectedly high difference which is why we stopped the import from processing.

Please consult internally about this issue. If the file was correct from your side, please connect with your customer success agent to change the threshold of processing.
If the file was incorrect from your side, you can fix the issue and reupload. The automatic import Is still active and will process as normal.
You will receive this E-mail again if the error persists.
The Honestly Team

31.07 New Languages 
We added 9 languages to our system:
  • Scottish
  • Polish
  • Welsh
  • Turkish
  • Danish
  • Chinese
  • Estonia
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian