What are the different rights / roles at Honestly?

There are three different roles in the Honestly system:
  • Analyst
  • Manager 
  • Admin

What distinguishes each of these roles from each other in the system?

Analysts: Can only view results.

Managers: Have the same rights as Analysts but can also create, edit and send surveys plus analyse those results. 

Admins: Have the same rights as Managers but can additionally view and adjust the settings for surveys for all group information. They can also access the data of all group information via the evaluation portal and upload employee records.


Note: Only Managers and Analysts can be restricted to individual group information (technical option in the system), for example, they are only given access to the data from one department, location or department. 


You can define which groups or staff data new Managers and Analysts are allowed to access. 

Screenshot 2020-05-18 at 21.19.07

Important: For this, you must of course have defined groups in advance, such as "Locations", "Departments", etc. 

There is another unofficial role in the system that does not really count as one of the others, but is mentioned here nonetheless. All persons created in the system without a fixed role have the possibility to simply participate in the survey without gaining access to the system if they have been invited to a survey.