How can I ensure that report viewers don't see any survey results until after the current survey period ends?

People's opinions can be influenced by the general trend of results already collected, so to avoid this happening, admins can now prevent report viewers (who haven't been granted access to all surveys and results) from seeing the data ahead of time.

All you need to do as an Honestly account admin is to go into "Settings" and tick a box. Simple as that.

Admins, Managers and Analysts will still be able to see the results as they come in, but report viewers, with restricted access to the results, will need to wait until the survey ends in order to see them.

All account users will be able to see past results. Only the current cycle is affected by this feature.

This also includes the results of the Participation rate chart for the current cycle.


To enable this feature, simply follow these steps:

Select "Settings" from the drop-down "Menu":

Then tick the box labelled "Limit real time result access for report viewers":

Then remember to save the changes you have made.



You may find this article about Permissions and roles within the Honestly Account interesting.