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How can my employees without email address participate in the survey?

Honestly provides several opportunities to participate in different surveys. Even for employees without an email address, we offer the possibility of using individual, but anonymized codes or information to enable their participation in surveys.


How does this work exactly? 

1. Share a link / QR code with your employees:

Example: "company_name.honestly.com"

The language of the following view depends on the browser language of the participant.

Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 15.30.23


The use of postal code and year of birth here is for demonstration purposes only. They can easily be replaced by data types of your choice. 

The link can be opened from a smartphone, laptop or PC without the need to download an app.


2. Your employees log in with a previously generated combination of data. This does not require any effort on your part, as Honestly can also create predefined passwords for you.


3. After your employees have logged in, they can choose from the surveys that are available for them.

Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 15.35.56

4. Afterwards, employees can participate in the respective survey as usual.

Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 16.27.03

If you are interested in this solution, please contact us. Your Honestly Team will gladly help you with its implementation.