How can I register with Honestly via SSO?

SAML - based single sign-on can be used to grant users access through an identity provider (IDP) of the client's choice. This option is available to Enterprise or Global Player Customers only and can be configured by admins 

Honestly: Service provider (SP)

Name Honestly
Integration option SAML 2.0
Time synchronised Europe/Berlin
NameId EmailAddress


1. Click on: "Menu" 

2. Click on: "Single Sign-On"

3. Enable SSO

4. Get all Information you need:

    • Honestly ACS URL 
    • Honestly Entity ID

5. Share your Information within the Honestly Account 

    • SSO URL
    • Entity ID
    • x509 Certificate 

Please do not forget to start with: -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----

Please do not forget to end with: -----END CERTIFICATE-----

6. Click on "SSO optional" for testing purpose 

7. Click on "Save" 

8. Ready for testing 

9. After successful testing, deactivate "SSO optional" setting in order to require all users to login via SSO