How do I compare employees on heatmap and score charts?

Generally, it can make sense to compare employees not only on a company level but also in a more granular way, for example on a location level.

For this purpose, a new chart setting for heatmap and score charts is now available, allowing users to specify the internal comparison benchmark when configuring the chart. This is especially useful for accounts with many different users.


  • Charts "History" and "Bar chart" won't be supported for now.
  • Only Admins can activate the "Compare with" function.
  • For user roles "Analyst" and "Manager" the function is disabled.
  • Only possible with custom surveys



The values used for the comparison category are derived from the employee information entered in the system for the accessing user. 

If "Country" is entered in the chart under "Comparisons with", a person from Germany will see both the company benchmark and the Germany benchmark, even if he does not have access to all data. 

If "Austria" is entered in the "Country" field of your data set, you will see the company benchmark as well as the Austria benchmark.

After a successful configuration, the chart will adapt to the attributes of the respective employee.