How can I send ideas for improvement or a feature request to Honestly?

All Honestly customers can forward feedback regarding the product or other topics to their respective Account Manager, who will then process and discuss it with the team.

Now it is possible for our customers to make suggestions for improvements to Honestly's software themselves within the account by clicking on the green question mark at the bottom right of the page then selecting "Improvement Ideas" from the list:

Screenshot 2022-02-14 at 14.58.48


Or by using the following link:

Request new feature here

It may be that we are not be able to consider all requests due to the amount we receive. However, by submitting ideas, our customers will help us to get a better overview of which features are more/less important to them, making it easier for us to prioritise the improvements.

I’ve made a feature request. Now what?

Once your request is delivered, the quarterly Roadmap committee will evaluate your request based on the release plan and a number of considerations.  

The release plan includes the short- and long-term goals for Honestly. The review committee determines if and how your request fits into the release plan. Your request will fall into one of three categories after the review committee meeting:

  1. Outside of this years release plan: Your request has been evaluated and it was decided that the feature is outside of our release plan for this year. This request will be passed onto the Development team to be considered for Release 2 in the next year. 
  2. Your feature request fits in this year release plan: the review committee have determined that we will build this feature this year and the development team have allocated this feature to a sprint. Customer Success team will notify you of expected delivery time. 
  3. Your request is already in the release plan: Your request is already in the release plan or will be satisfied with another feature that's getting released and we will notify you when it's live. 

How do I check on the status of my request?

Our quarterly newsletter to you will include an updated timeline of what we are releasing for the next 3 months. Here, you can check where your feature is up to and when you can expect it to be released. We will notify you when your feature has been released, but the easiest way is to check our Newsletter.