How can I add branches to my survey questions?

Branches (or conditions) are used to adapt the questions appearing in your survey depending on which answers employees select. 

To branch a question, first go to the "Surveys" section and click on "Edit" on the right of the survey you would like to make changes to:

Next, click on "Questions", select the question you would like to add the condition to and then on the "Branch question" symbol on the right:

  1. Select which answer you would like to add the branch to. For example, if the worst answer is selected, you might like to ask what could be improved in a follow up question. 

 2.  Choose which kind of branch you would like to add:

3. If necessary (depending on which action you chose in step 2), choose which follow up question should be used as a result of the branch. PLEASE NOTE: This question must already have been entered.

4. To save the branch, click on "Add". The branch will be listed below.

If you would like to delete a branch, click on the cross on the right of the branch:

To close the branching window, click on the big cross above all the conditions:

In the overview of all questions, you will see this symbol appear if conditions have been added to a question.

To ensure the branches have been implemented correctly, click on preview (top right) to test them and see the survey as an employee would: