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How can I add branches to my survey questions?

What are branches? How can I add branches to my survey? How can I delete existing branches?

What are branches?

Branches are used to conditionally display certain questions depending on the answers of previous questions. For example, a question like "Why were you dissatisfied?" should only displayed if the previous question was answered with "very dissatisfied" or "dissatisfied".

Create branches

Step 1

To branch a question, first go to the "Surveys" section 

and click on "Edit" to the right of the survey you would like to make changes to.

Next, click on "Questions", select the question you would like to add the condition to and then on the "Branch question" symbol on the right:

Step 2

Select which answer you would like to add the branch to. For example, if the worst answer is selected, you might like to ask what could be improved in a follow-up question. 


The branched question must directly follow the main question and cannot be branched itself.

Step 3

Choose which kind of branch you would like to add.

Step 4

Select the follow-up question(s) for which the branching is to take effect. The prerequisite for this is that follow-up questions have already been defined. In a follow-up question, you could, for example, ask for a reason for the answer or, more generally, for suggestions for improvement.

Step 5

To save the branch, click on "Add". The branch will be listed below.

If you would like to delete a branch, click on the cross on the right of the branch.

To close the branching window, click on the big cross above all the conditions.

In the overview of all questions, you will see this symbol appear if conditions have been added to a question.

Step 6

To ensure the branches have been implemented correctly, click on 'Preview' (top right) to test them and see the survey as an employee would.