How do I inform my employees about surveys? (Push notifications and our E-Mail function)

There are two ways in which you can inform your employees about new surveys. Either via push notifications via our Engage App for iOS or Android, which all employees can download on their mobile device, or via our E-Mail function. 

Using the App: 

Participants in the weekly pulse survey on the Engage app will receive three push notifications per week:

  1. Invite them to participate when the survey is opened.
  2. A reminder notification if you have not yet participated. This depends on the period you have set.
  3. A final notification when the survey is complete, inviting you to view the results

Use of the E-Mail function:

Users of the E-Mail function, after they have been registered as "Employees", first receive an invitation to download the app (not mandatory) and on the day of the survey another e-mail requesting participation in the survey. You will also receive a reminder E-Mail on the last day of the current survey, with a note to participate in the survey if you have not already done so. 

You will find information on the time at which push notifications and E-Mails are sent to your employees in the "Surveys" section in step 4, "Schedule", for each survey and as soon as you want to set this survey to active.