What can I prepare and adapt for my first survey?

When starting a survey, you can customise and prepare the following topics:

  1. Questions (also in different languages)
  2. Welcome and closing text (in the survey)
  3. Recipients
  4. Email subject (also in different languages)
  5. Email text (also in different languages)
  6. Start button colour according to your CI
  7. Company logo 
  8. Start and end of the survey (time and date)

1. Questions (also in different languages)

Here we need your questions, suitable answer options and if necessary, the different translations.

2. Welcome and closing text (in the survey)

The welcome and closing texts appear before the first question and after the survey is completed. This is an optional feature. Without the welcome text, the survey will start with the first question.

Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 09.50.45


3. List of recipients

In order for us to know which employees are taking part in the survey, we need an Excel file from you with all the information such as email, first name, last name, department (for example), language (of the survey), and any other information you might want to be filter the results by after the survey has been completed. 

Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 17.16.32

4. and 5. The subject line of the email and the email text (also in different languages).

The email that each employee will receive can be customized as well. We need the subject and an email text which you would like to be sent to your employees. 

Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 09.50.21

Here is a sample text for your survey email.

6. Start button colour / survey colour

With Honestly it is possible to create the survey in the colour of your choice, thus adapting it to your CI.

Example: Honestly's Green 

Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 09.51.05

You can simply send us/enter this as a Hex colour code 

7. Company logo

To ensure that your logo is also shown in the email sent out by Honestly, you can also send us/upload your logo as a PNG or JPEG (680x170) file, so it can be integrated into the e-mail.

8. Start and end of the survey (time and date)

Last but not least, we need the key data of the survey.

For example: 

Start on 10.03.21 at 09:00 

End on 20.03.21 at 18:00