Communication (when sending the survey)

In order to have a good participation rate, communication is the key and therefore you should pay attention to the email you send your employees when inviting them to participate in the survey.

Ensure that the following topics are covered in the email: 

  • How much time will they need to invest?
  • When is the participation deadline?
  • How can they get in touch, if they have any questions?
  • If applicable, where can they see the results?
  • Whether the survey anonymous or not.



Subject:  One Time Pulse Survey - Your opinion counts!

Dear employee,

Your opinion is very important to this company. In the Pulse survey, you can assess various topics related to leadership, cooperation, and corporate culture and thus influence the further development of this organization.

Please give us 10 minutes of your time and take part in this assessment by 11 March 2021. You will find the link to the survey at the end of this email. 

Important: Your participation is anonymous. To ensure this anonymity, the survey is conducted by the external service provider Honestly. No conclusions can be drawn about you and your answers by us.

You can find more information about the Pulse and the survey concept here (internal information).

Thank you for your commitment to making ****** an even better place to work at.

Kind regards

This email was generated automatically. Should you have any questions, please find your contact person by clicking here (link).