Wie kann ich mich über SSO bei Honestly anmelden? (Englisch)

SAML - based single sign-on can be used to grant users access through an identity provider (IDP) of the client's choice. This option is available to Enterprise or Global Player Customers only.

Honestly: Service provider (SP)


Name Honestly
Location https://webapp.honestly.de
Integration option SAML 2.0
Logo https://www.honestly.com/images/logo-transparent.png
EndPoint Identifier https://webapp.honestly.de/saml2/<account-id>/metadata
Assertion Consumer Service https://webapp.honestly.de/saml2/<account-id>/acs
Time synchronised Europe/Berlin
Metadata https://webapp.honestly.de/saml2/<account-id>/metadata
NameId EmailAddress


Bitte ersetzen Sie den Platzhalter <account-id> durch die Account Id, die Ihnen Honestly zur Verfügung stellt.

Client-side: Identity provider (IDP)

The following client information is required by Honestly:

  • IDP entity ID
  • IDP certificate (base 64 encoded)
  • IDP entry point/URL