Wie kann ich Umfragen über eine CSV-Datei duplizieren oder aktualisieren?

With the survey import surveys can be newly created, updated and recipients can be added and removed automatically.

Honestly Server

Hostname: datafeed.honestly.com

Port: 22

Directory: ~/upload/

Username: import-surveys-<account-id>

<account-id> is a placeholder that will be provided by Honestly to you.


Authentication works via passwordless authentication (ssh key authentication). Please generate a public key and set it while setting up the survey import integration.

The public key needs to be in ssh-rsa format.

Example public key file

CSV file

The file name must be surveys.csv.

The file must be encoded with the UTF-8 character set without BOM.

The data must be separated with a comma. The data must be enclosed in double quotes.

The first line of the file must contain the column names. The order does not matter.

Required columns

The following columns must be included in the CSV file.

Optional additional survey properties

Based on the configuration of survey properties in the web application, additional survey data can be included to receive more detailed insights. Therefore the CSV file needs to be extended with these additional columns in String data format. The column name needs to match the survey property name.

On the web application the user can select which survey data should actually show up as a filter on the dashboard.

Other Conditions

  • If the reused survey template name is not found, no survey will be created
  • If columns that should not be empty are left empty, the survey will not be created or updated
  • Recipients and permissions are updated for archived and active surveys alike

Import flow