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How do I use/create question templates?

With this article, you can create your own Company Templates so employees can use them when creating a new survey.

1. Firstly, go to "Surveys" and click on "Create new survey":

2. Once you have given your survey a name and a description (optional), you will move on to the "Questions" and you will have 3 possibilities:

3. Create your own "New question"

4. Use "Company templates"

How to create Company templates:

1. When you create a new question, you can save this as a company template.

2. This window will open where you first need to enter a category (topic) for example "Team Events":


  • First save the category and then the template!

3. Once a question has been saved as a template, it can be chosen individually or a group of questions can be selected by clicking "Add all..." as below:

4. Use our "Honestly templates"

5. Again you can either choose to use individual questions or whole questionnaires from the list.