What can I do if I can't print the PDF of my results?

If you have downloaded your results as a PDF and want to print them, but encounter a probelm, it could be because the PDF file contains certain images or fonts, that Acrobat cannot process during printing.

You can bypass this problem by printing the PDF file as an image:  

1. Make sure the printer is turned on and connected.

Print a test document from another file if necessary.

2. Open the advanced settings of your PDF Reader and print your PDF file as an image.

Open the PDF file and click on "print" or click on the following print symbol in your PDF reader:

Now the printer window opens. Click on "Advanced Settings".

Note: Where the "advanced" button is depends on your PDF Reader.

In "Advanced Settings", the option "Print as Image" should now be visible. After selecting "Print as image", you can close the advanced settings and click "Print" again.

Note 1: Where "Print as Image" options are displayed depends on your PDF Reader.
Note 2: Your PDF file will be reprinted as a PDF file with the "print as image" addition. After that you can print your results correctly by clicking "Print" again.

3. Always keep your PDF Reader up to date

Updates often include fixes for common problems. You can download updates by opening your PDF Reader and clicking "Check for Updates" in the Help area. 

If a new update is available, it will be automatically installed. After installation, you should restart your computer. You can now print PDF files again.

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