How do I create categories within my survey?

If you would like to be able to filter categories in the Analysis section, you will first need to create a new category in your survey.

Go to the "Surveys" section :

Then click on one of your surveys on the left. If you don't yet have any, click on "Create new survey". For more information about creating surveys, click here.

In the survey, under "Category" you can create a new category and name it however you would like by clicking on "Create new category":

Three boxes will appear. The first is for you to enter the type of category (in this case, "Region"), the last is its individual name (for example "West") and in the middle is a box you can tick if you would like these results to be shown in the "Analysis" section.

Once you have added all the categories you would like, click below to "Save Changes".

If you look at the results of this survey in the "Analysis" section now, the categories can now be seen next to the surveys and can now be filtered.

Please note: If there is no tick in the box for each category, the results will not be seen in the "Analysis" section.