How can I edit the Pulse questions?

Firstly, go to the "Surveys" section and click on edit on the right of your Pulse survey:

Please note: The Pulse survey can only be adited when it it is inactive!

Then, go to the "Questions" section and click on "Edit" on the right of the question you wish you change. 

You will see the answer possibilities for this question below. These cannot be changed, so please ensure that:

  • the question can still be answered in this way
  • the question still applies the metric/submetric it belongs to. 

Click inside the question box in order to edit it and then click "Save".

The word "Edited" will appear next to any questions which have been changed.

If you have transalted your Pulse survey into other languages, this message will appear, reminding you to also edit the questions there and by clicking on the message, you can do so immediately.

If you wish to revert to the original questions, just click on "Revert": 

This message will appear, confirming the changes that you have made.

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