How can I close the Terminal app on my iPad if I can't access the home button?

Perhaps you have lost the key to your Honestly Terminal but still need to close the app temporarily, to connect the device to WiFi for example. This is how it is done.

If you would like to order a new key, please create a service ticket for it and let us know which of these terminal types you have:

Type G
30kg and 118cm (153cm with advertising sign):

Old Honestly logo Gerdes-1

Type V
10kg and 105cm high:

Vogels Terminal ohne Blende-2

If you would like to change anything on the iPad before receiving the key, follow these steps:

Unlock the Terminal App (survey app) in the hidden "Terminal Service menu" (hold your finger down at the top of the screen for it to pop up) with the Management Code from your Honestly account (under Menu - Terminals - Main - Management Code).

Place your hand slightly spread on the screen and slide your fingers together as if you were picking up a tissue. This will close the app and take you to the homescreen where all the apps are shown.

When you re-open the Terminal app, please remember to lock it in the Terminal Service Menu again so that the device cannot be tampered with.